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NetSuite : At Risk Category on Task Records

NetSuite : At Risk Category on Activity Records

Purpose: The process to track all updates made by account executives on opportunities marked as at-risk are to be tracked through activities. Activities created for any at-risk opportunity updates will be marked by selecting an at-risk category.

1. The At-Risk category field will only be displayed on the ISS Account Executive custom forms
2. The selection options are: Next Steps / Status Update / Notes


Based on the at-risk category selected the task will be sourced onto a saved search used by the sales team to review all at-risk opportunities and the current status

Saved Search for managing At-Risk Opportunities:

- To view the activities that are associated with each opportunity click on the opportunity number within the search, a list of activities will then show
- Please review the bottom of the page within the search to see the key to color codes (You can also refer to the how to guide for management of At-Risk Opportunities)



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