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NetSuite : Associating a Contact with Multiple Customers

Associating a Contact with Multiple Customers

Purpose: To associate a contact record with multiple companies or multiple company records. For example, a company with multiple locations and records that share the same staff.

1) Open the contact record you would like to associate with multiple customers
- Be sure to have exact spelling (in NetSuite) of the customer you want to associate the contact with.
2) Edit the contact record


3) Navigate to the Relationships tab → Companies at the bottom of the contact record
4) Enter the company to be associated with the contact in the company field (1)
5) Once the correct customer is selected in the field, Click the attach button (2)
6) The company will then be visible under the companies list (3)

7) Once the company is associated with the contact you can now enter activities for this contact under any of the companies listed

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