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NetSuite: Next Bill Button Functionality

Next Bill Button Functionality 



While fulfilling orders in NetSuite the item fulfillment save screen provides a “Bill” button. This bill button natively bills all fulfilled items on the sales order; regardless of billing schedule. The next bill button functionality will provide a “Next Bill” button on the item fulfillment screen to be used when the sales order has a billing schedule listed. The next bill button will respect the billing schedule and bill only the next amount to be billed if there is any amount listed.



When the next bill is selected on an item fulfillment the system will review the billing schedule listed (if any) on the sales order line items and under the billing tab. If there is still an open amount to be billed the invoice will reflect that amount. When returning the item fulfillment after the invoice is created the next bill button will no longer show. Also if billing is attempted a second time for that same sales order the system will read the invoice has already been generated and no new amounts will be billed until the next billing schedule date.

Billing Schedule Tab:


Billing Schedule on Line Items:

Part 1:


Part 2:


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