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NetSuite: At-Risk Opportunity Follow Up

At-Risk Opportunity Follow Up

Purpose:Provide guidance how to manage and use tools provided in NetSuite for at-risk opportunities follow up.

At-Risk Category on Activity Records:
- By using tasks, phone calls and events marked with the specific at-risk category field, any updates to at-risk opportunities can be tracked within NetSuite
- The At-Risk category field will only be displayed on the ISS Account Executive custom forms
- The selection options are: Next Steps / Status Update / Notes

Based on the at-risk category selected the activity will be sourced onto a saved search used by the sales team to review all at-risk opportunities. If an at-risk category is not selected the activity will not show on the saved search used for follow up.

BMS | At-Risk Active Opps With Activities Detail:
- This saved search sources all the opportunities marked at risk, along with the activities associated with them. This search will be the main source of data for opportunity follow up.
- By clicking on the opportunity number, the search will drill down into the at-risk activities associated with that opportunity. The activity type, title, status, sales rep and any notes will be listed.

- Each line of text will be highlighted as a different color. Each of these colors stand for a specific status.
Red: Opportunity has no activities this week
Blue : Expected close date is within this quarter
Yellow: Opportunity has been created this week




- If desired this saved search can be exported, printed or emailed by using the appropriate icons in the upper left corner of the saved search screen below the filters.


BMS | At-Risk Active Opportunities HISTORY :
- This saved search sources all opportunities that have EVER been marked as at-risk. This search is to be used to track history of at -risk opportunities and their individual outcome.
- Each line has text highlighted in color based on the status of the opportunity
Green: 100% Closed Won
Red: 0% Closed Lost


The history saved search is to be used for reporting purposes only and not as follow up. Activities detail is to be used for current status and follow up.

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