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NetSuite Custom Transaction Forms


This article from InSource shows how custom forms on transaction in NetSuite are to be used. This article also outlines which form should be used for each type of transaction. 

  • Author: Bre Snyder
  • Published: 07.10.2019
  • Applies to: NetSuite ; All Versions


Custom forms on transactions provide multiple functions for the user. By selecting a custom form based on the transaction type and items, it allows for the proper behind the scenes functions to be processed correctly. Each form also includes a specific set of fields that are required based on order type.

Custom Forms by Transaction Type:


1.     ISS Opportunity - without support (Preferred) 
        Preferred Form: Used for orders that do not require any support items and no support contract is required
        Example: Product Only orders, Training orders

2.     ISS Opportunity - with Support
        Used for orders that require support items and will require a support contract
        Example: License orders, Service Orders

3.     ISS Opp w/ support for renew script
        Used for renewal opportunities that are auto generated contracts when the time frame of renewal is within 105 days.


1.     ISS Estimate (Preferred)
        Preferred form: Used for standard quotes that will be processed through Quosal

2.     Quote - SI/OEM Contract Renewals
        Used for all Customer First Renewal Opportunities for Wonderware OEM/VAR Consignments or system integrator quotes; Not processed through Quosal

Sales Order

1.    ISS Sales Order - without support (Preferred)
       Preferred form: Used for orders that do not required any support items and do not require a contract
       Example: Product orders or Training orders

2.    ISS Sales Order - with Support
       Used for orders including support items that will require a support contract.

3.    ISS Sales Order – Services
       Used for orders that require service items and will require a project record to be created.


1.     ISS Invoice without CF (Preferred)
        Preferred Form: Used for invoices that do not have support items listed

2.     ISS Invoice with CF
        Used for invoices that have support items / contracts

3.     ISS Service Invoice (TT)
        Used for project invoices