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83870 - Indirect tAG ISSUES


Trying to set indirect tag to text and one of the tags only allows in to set to 0

Version: 2020 R2

Service Pack: SP1


OS Service Pack:


Workaround: Setting the IndirectER like this works: Emergency Release Command: $IndirectER=$#Em_Rel:ER_C59_C64->Name Selecting the Emergency Release sets $IndirectER to ER_C59_C64 correctly in the watch window GroupRelease Command: Setting the IndirectGR doesn’t work $IndirectGR = $#GR_Rel:GR_C59_C64->Name $IndirectDrNum = $#GR_Rel:GR_C59_C64->Description Selecting the Group Release sets $IndirectGR to 0 in the watch window which is incorrect. Also $IndirectDrNum is not being set.

Close Date: 3/14/23 17:37

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