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84168 - Issue with seeing events when using .alarminhibit in an object


2014 r2 SP1 patch 02. events question. He has objects with .alarminhibit attributes. It shows during runtime normally but when set in an object it is not showing up as events. When he toggles it via object viewer he can see the events. When he tries to use a different object from a script with .alarminibit from true to false it is not showing up in any of the views. If he sets it in an object it does not show up as an event but it does if he toggles it in object viewer. Is it stored in a different table?


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If you toggle the alarminhibit object in object viewer it shows an entry in the eventhistory table in sql. This does not happen when its triggered via script in the object. Aveva support was unable to find a workaround for this. It may have been added in newer versions. Customer is using 2014 r2 sp1 p02

Close Date: 4/7/23 10:12

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