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82397 - Trigger ThinManager to Failover Without SendKeys


Managed Intouch Application (Wonderware) running on a Thin Client. There used to be a way to tell ThinManager session to switch over from the primary Thin manager server to the back up server (session). Looking for TN on how to configure a switch to a failover server from a button or hotkey. Failover action is configured in Thin Manager to Hotkey, using SendKeys()...

Version: 11.5

Service Pack: Update 1

OS: Windows Server 2019

OS Service Pack:


SendKeys() is depreciated, so if the hotkey is configured to trigger using that method it's likely why it's not failing over. [Proposed Workaround] Use the Windows Script Send Keys instead: DIM result AS INTEGER; OLE_CreateObject(%WS, "Wscript.Shell"); IF OLE_IsObjectValid(%WS) THEN result = %WS.SendKeys("n"); ENDIF; OLE_ReleaseObject(%WS); Provided TN Simulating keys for a Stand-Alone Intouch application on 64 bit Operating Systems ****** Above workaround did not work in the clients environment to send CTRL+F9 hotkey COMBINATION. In testing was able to trigger this hotkey combination using a .vbs script : [Suggestion] use .vbs script and call it from InTouch Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") WshShell.SendKeys "^{F9}" [Resolution]: Created two test apps (WinForms and Custom Client Control). Validated on a terminal server running Server 2019. Both worked to send hotkey (CTRL+F9) from console and remote desktop session. In clients system this was not the case. The issue appears to be specific to the environment. Client will remove button from application and use keyboard or onscreen keyboard as a workaround. SEE BOX

Close Date: 9/29/22 14:30

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