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83619 - Unable to Boot Multi Screen Hardware Limitation Inquiry 2473 G UNO Thin Manager


Trying to add a device to thin manager but thin manager doesnt boot on the system Do you have SME / clarification on UNO multi session and multi monitor enabled (AdvanTech). Looking over the manual for UNO-2473G and it appears it is not. Would like to have two screens on a few of their systems and currently they can only see one. When you enable multisession it seems to brick consistently V12.1 Thin Manager Server 2019 When set up multi session with a particular terminal client and the UNO associated with it. Results in endless boot loops (rebooting) Fail Again, Reboot, Repeat. The odd thing is that it not permanently broken ...technically If you go into this boot loop and delete the terminal client and you give your device a new addresses it does seem to comeback. But you have to repoint it at the IP address and the other device. In the manual under multi session, it has applied suggestions regarding editing local group policies (limit the number of users) - warning that if you do not explicitly have a multisession enabled device that you will run into issues / it will not work. So the suspicion it's a hardware limitation. The 2473 G come into 2 flavors 1 is a thin client (no HD) 1 is a thick client (HDD) Checked that the one they have is thin manager enabled and was under the impression from sales that it was ALSO multi session enabled (2473 G) If it's a hardware limitation needs: Quote on device - 1 ethernet - 24volt power supply - VGA port - HDMI port - Multi session screen / compliant Device


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OS: Windows Server 2019

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TM support referenced TNIN8182 (SEE BOX) which has a link to the Thin Manager Hardware Finder : While the UNO-2473G is listed, the root of the issue was a limitation of the hardware. Client is in communication with AE and will update once he's had a chance to test the new hardware. MM 02.28 (SEE BOX) TM support indicated could be a two-part issue and recommended adding the Custom Video Mode module to the ThinClient configuration and test to determine if this solves the issue. One thing to note is that the Custom Video Mode module will need to be added multiple times for as many monitors as are being added to the ThinClient, with each module configured to point to a respective monitor. For example, the first module in the list will point to monitor 1, the second module points to monitor 2, etc. For reference, the Custom Video Mode module is outlined in the Thin Manager User Guide starting on pg 563 and in the included Dark Screens TN. The boot loop could also be due to a connected monitor or other display having a high native resolution or refresh rate. This is mentioned in the included Endless Reboot Cycle TN. 3.28 Issue persists, working with TM support. 05.04 Ultimately despite applying all of TM supports suggestions the issue persisted. The client bought new monitors and moved away from using the UNO 2473G.

Close Date: 5/4/23 16:33

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