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TN ITME105 InTouch Machine Edition: Licensing a Runtime System

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How to license InTouch Machine Edition on your Runtime Computer (Panel).


  • Author: Dillon Perera
  • Published: 03/30/2015
  • Applies to: InTouch Machine Edition 7.1




  1. Ensure Remote Agent (CEServer.exe) is running on the runtime computer, and it is on the network.
  2. Open InTouch Machine Edition on your Development computer.
  3. From the Home tab Connect to your remote station.
  4. Enter the IP Address of the remote panel and click Connect.
  5. On the left of the screen open the Embedded License section.
  6. Copy the Hardware Identifier.  This will be unique to each Panel.
  7. Open the Wonderware activation website and enter your Hardware Identifier to get an activation code.