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TN IT340 InTouch - Computer Node Rename Process



Step-by-step process for renaming an InTouch computer that has already had an activated license on it.

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  • Author: Frank Ross
  • Published: 06/28/2019
  • Applies to: InTouch (All Versions)




  1. Shut down any running InTouch applications.
  2. Open the Aveva License Manager (assuming you have internet access) and identify and de-activate the current activated license.    After de-activating the license, close the License Manager. 
  3. Rename the computer node and reboot the computer. 
  4. Launch the Wonderware Configurator and change the name of the Computer on the License Manager configuration.  Click on Configure and upon successful configuration, close the the Configurator Window. 
  5. Re-open the Aveva License Manager and identify and re-activate the previously used license.    After re-activating the license, close the License Manager. 
  6. Verify by starting up the InTouch Application to ensure the license has been captured by the app.


Exhibit 1  (Aveva License Manager displaying existing license)



Exhibit 2 (Aveva License Manager displaying part/serial number for activated license)



Exhibit 3  (Windows 10 Rename PC Window)



Exhibit 4  (Windows 10 Rename PC Update Window)



Exhibit 5 (Wonderware Configurator Being Selected from Wonderware Utilities)




Exhibit 6  (Wonderware Configurator - changing the license server name) 






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