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TN IT188 Cross Reference utility




InTouch you may want to look for any place where a particular tag gets used.  This is useful for troubleshooting, or looking for a tag you intend to delete.  This process can be sped up greatly by using the Cross Reference Utility.


  • Author: Dillon Perera
  • Published: 12/30/2015
  • Applies to: InTouch 10.0 and higher




The Cross Reference Utility is a tool which can be used to identify any place a tag is used.  To use it:

1. Ensure WindowViewer is closed, and close any open windows within WindowMaker.

2. Go to the Special Menu and select Cross Reference...


3. A list of options will be presented:


Search for all occurrences or Search for specified occurrences: This will determine if we search everywhere in the application, or only search within a certain section (Animation links, specific script types, etc..)


Filter: This will determine what name (A tag or quickfunction) we are trying to find.  If left blank, the system will search for any place where any name is used.


Search For: This determines if the system should be looking for a particular tag name or quickfunction, based on what was entered in the Filter field.


Note: The more narrow your search the faster the Cross Reference will complete.  The utility will only use one CPU core, so if this is a large application the search may take a few minutes to complete.


Legacy Option

You can use the Print option within WindowMaker to print out the contents of all scripts:

a. From the File menu, select Print.

b. In the list of options, select Windows with Window Scripts, and under Scripts select All Scripts, then click Next.
Note: This does not search Action Scripts on Windows, for that you'll need to use the Cross Reference utility.