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TN IT160 Quick Differences Between InTouch Runtime and InTouch for System Platform (IntouchView)

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At times when trying to license for InTouch, the wrong InTouch license is installed.   There are many customers that use both InTouch Runtime and InTouch for System Platform licenses in their facility.  This goal here is to understand what all that these licenses come with.  


  • Author: Glenn Yancey
  • Published: 09/30/2015
  • Applies to: InTouch 2012 and higher





The types of InTouch applications that we 

InTouch Runtime

Enables WindowViewer for use with traditional InTouch IO tags. 


This allows:

  • Creation and Use of InTouch IO Tag and their Access Names,
  • Alarming Subsystem (InTouch acts as alarm provider)
  • Local InTouch Historian Logging (.LGH and .IDX files)


In order to connect to Galaxy based attributes, a Platform license is required. (Sold Separately).


*  One misconception is that an InTouch Runtime license cannot work with a Managed Application.  This is false.  A Managed Application might still be in a transition state where we are working to remove InTouch IO tags and replace them with Galaxy based Attributes (IO).   While this application is still in this hybrid state, the application may still be using InTouch IO tags.   As long as it is in that state, an InTouch Runtime license is required until ALL IO and Access Names are removed and replaced with Galaxy Attributes. 



InTouch for System Platform (InTouchView)

Enables WindowViewer ONLY for use with Galaxy based attributes and solely managed inside of a galaxy.


This prevents:

  • The use of IO Tags and Access Names,  (Only Galaxy Attributes can represent the IO)
  • Alarming Subsystem (Only the Galaxy can be the alarm provider, InTouch can still view alarms)
  • Local InTouch Historian Logging.   (All Historical Data must come from Wonderware Historian)
  • The use of OS and InTouch security models (Only ArchestrA security is supported).


This license ALSO comes bundled with a Platform license. A Platform license is required to read/write values from the Galaxy.  No need to purchase an additional platform.



To achieve this Application Type, you have two options

  1. Declare your application as an “InTouchView” when developing the application for the first time in the ArchestrA IDE. 
    1. Upon creating a derived template, you are prompted after creating a new application to make this Application of an “InTouchView” type or not.  (Not Applicable in Modern InTouch applications)



















  1. Change the application type inside InTouch WindowMaker.
    1. On the Special menu, click Application Type. The Application Type dialog box appears with the InTouchView Application box selected.