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TN Hist275 How to verify connectivity to the aahIOSvrSvc IO Server Service When Accessing Data from Historian to a SuiteLink Compliant Client




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  • Author: Peter Farrell
  • Published: 06/29/2017
  • Applies to: Historian all versions


Restoration of connectivity to the aahIOSvrSvc IO Server Service should first be made by restarting the aahIOSveSve IO server service. Right click on aahIOSvrSvc in Task Manager and select End Task.  After it has stopped, you should again right click on aahIOSvrSvc and then select start.


The Historian account registration should be reviewed and if necessary changed from within the System Management Console. Navigate down to the server name and right click to expose the option for “Edit Historian Registration Properties”.


You can check the account that the service is running under by looking at the service from Task Manager. It will show you what account is being used in the User column. Typically, you should be using the SYSTEM account for aahIOSvrSvc


If the service is running and using the correct account, the next thing to try is to verify SuiteLink connectivity to the service from client machine. From within a Command Prompt running as Administrator, try using the SLSPING command. The format is >SLSPing <NodeName> aahiosvrsvc

You should get a “SUCCESS! aahiosvrsvc Speaks SuiteLink” response. If not, you should look at firewall or other issues which could be blocking the connection.